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Lukasz Czapiewski Lukasz Czapiewski

Lukasz Czapiewski

Ruby on Rails was designed with programmer happiness in mind. The creators recognised the importance of keeping programmers happy, making it one of the main principles behind Rails.


1. Best Industry Standards

Ruby on Rails is a gold standard for other frameworks. Its design principles and best practices have been widely adopted and recognised by developers worldwide. By adhering to Rails' pattern of convention-over-configuration, developers benefit from a framework that promotes clean code, scalability, security, and maintainability.

2. Rapid Development

DHH made Rails famous with his “How to build a blog in 15 minutes” video. Rails emphasises productivity and quick prototyping, providing developers with built-in tools, libraries, and generators that speed up the development process.

3. Rich Ecosystem & Community

Rails has a vibrant ecosystem with a vast number of community-contributed gems. These gems can be easily added to projects, saving developers time and effort in building common functionalities. Making it even easier to integrate with other APIs, tools and technologies.


1. Performance Optimisation

In some cases, Ruby on Rails may face performance challenges when handling high-traffic or computationally intensive tasks. However, these challenges can be effectively addressed with proper optimisation techniques and caching strategies. Shopify one of the worlds larges e-commerce platform uses Rails after all.

2. Convention Constraints

Rails follows a convention-over-configuration approach, deviating from these conventions may sometimes slow down development. Using the Rails conventions is not a requirement of the framework though. Following conventions helps maintain consistency and promotes collaborative development.

3. Upgrade and Compatibility

As Rails evolves, frequent updates and changes might introduce compatibility issues with older codebases or dependencies. Careful planning and testing during upgrades are necessary to ensure a smooth transition.


Ruby on Rails is an excellent choice for web development because it emphasises productivity, rapid prototyping, and developer happiness. With a rich ecosystem and active community, it's easy to integrate new features and accelerate the development process.

However, it's essential to remember that performance optimisation and convention constraints may pose some challenges, and careful planning and testing are necessary to ensure smooth upgrades and compatibility with dependencies.

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