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Ruby on Rails Support & Maintenance

Get your project back on track with Ruby on Rails specialists who can maintain, improve and extend your application.

Hands-on support and maintenance

Sometimes, developers fall through, move on, or ambitions don’t align anymore.

However it's come about, our retainer service provides regular upgrades, bug fixes, backlog clearing, technical support and more.

Advice, rescue, and recovery

Is your project broken, unfinished, behind schedule, suffering from sub-par quality code, or needing an overhaul?

Utilise our expert team as an 'outsourced CTO' instead of growing your engineering team.

Upgrade, improve and build

Want to do more than keep the lights on? We can help you breathe new life into your Rails application.

Hit the buffers or fallen behind, your app no longer does what you need. We can incrementally improve or substantially expand your Ruby on Rails application to meet your growing needs.

Does this sound like you?

Clients often come to us saying things like...

  • Slow Site

    “Our app is slow and sluggish, our customers and business are suffering. We need to optimise it and improve performance.”

  • Security Issues

    “Our app is dated and has security and compliance issues. We rely upon it for our business, what can we do?”

  • Out of Date

    “We rely on our app but don’t have in-house staff with the technical expertise to maintain and improve it.”

  • Trapped

    “Our current developer makes everything hard. Availability, timelines, communication, pricing. It’s all frustrating.”

  • Big Backlog

    “Requests for new features and functionality are piling up. We can’t keep ignoring them if we want to grow.”

  • Limbo

    “We’re no longer working with the agency or developer that built our app we need someone with expertise to takeover.”

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Our proven 4-step handover process gets us swiftly up to speed with your codebase and objectives.

Discovery workshop

We’ll facilitate a half-day discovery session to collect details about your app and it’s technology stack.

After assessing your situation, we’ll follow up with a free action plan with proposed next steps.

Collage of photos from our PDS sessions
Photo of Andy Train

“Unfailingly friendly and always on hand. Mmtm kept our business critical services running, whilst enthusiastically supporting our ideas for growth.”

Andy Train
Managing Director, Mitie Telecoms

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