Our Battle-Tested Process for Digital Projects

A 4 Week Product Development Cycle

You’re excited to build a great new app or a piece of software that you think can solve a real problem. However, you know that building technology is risky. We know that too.

That’s why we designed 4 Week Cycles to reduce risk by testing ideas with users before building them in code.

We focus on a deliverable that’s going to create value within a cycle to avoid lengthy 6 month development periods before you get to reap the benefits.

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  • Turn Risky Tech Development into Qualified Opportunities
  • Shortcut learning without having to build and launch
  • Get your product to market faster

Week 1

Product Design Sprint

A Product Design Sprint is a week of workshops and prototyping. You’ll choose a problem to solve and we’ll develop a product strategy together.

Bringing together stakeholders from across your business, we'll map out solutions. By working collaboratively we'll make sure we’re avoiding groupthink and looking at ideas from a fresh perspective.

mmtm will use these insights to generate prototypes that we can use to validate ideas before writing a line of code.

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Week 1 Deliverables

Interactive Prototype Image
Interactive Prototype

Test concepts developed during the week with real users. We can make sure our ideas work before committing them in code.

Team Alignment Image
Team Alignment

It's vital that your team get behind your endeavour, our open process allows the entire team to be part of the decision making.

Recorded User Interviews Image
Recorded User Interviews

We'll formalise the insights generated from the prototype feedback. These will help develop User Personas over the long term.

Week 2

Discovery & Exploration

Using the insights from the user interviews and prototypes we'll review which solutions did or didn't work and iterate. We now know a lot more about how successful our ideas were and we've removed a tonne of risk going forward.

We also use this time to evalute what technology we're going to use to build the solution. It's at this point we're defining what the exact deliverable is going to be.

Prototyping Photo

Week 2 Deliverables

Refined Prototype Image
Refined Prototype

Based on the feedback, we iterate over the prototype and then conduct a second round of interviews.

User Stories Image
Complete User Stories

These give us an unambiguous scope as to exactly what will be delivered in Weeks 3 & 4.

Weeks 3 & 4

Technical Build

Our team of designers and developers will build based on the agreed scope. Following the two weeks you'll have a customer ready app that's deployed and waiting to be used.

We'll take care of key aspects including:

  • Technologies – We use proven technologies and frameworks like Ruby on Rails to develop our applications. Used by millions of people, it’s robust and supported by a great community and ecosystem.
  • Security – mmtm has mature processes and standards to ensure our work meets security standards. We currently are Cyber Essentials accredited and are in the process of attaining IASME Certification.
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Weeks 3 & 4 Deliverables

Lauched Rocket Image
Launched Solution

Once the code is tested and scope in compliance we’ll handle deploying it to staging environments for final checks and review.

Onboarding Image

We’ll collaborate with you to deliver an accompanying onboarding strategy. Be it training or instructional videos.

Let's build something great together.

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