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The Vision

LeadHub was founded by a team of property industry and data analysis veterans who were looking for a technical and product partner.

By identifying events in the property market that suggested a house was struggling to sell, such as offers falling through, or a price drop, we could provide a new tool for agents to generate leads.

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Taking Credit Card Payments from Customers

LeadHub wanted a seamless experience for potential customers to be able to sign-up and start paying on their own. LeadHub's team were used to sending invoices retrospectively via Xero – a riskier and time consuming process.

We worked with LeadHub to design an intuitive onboarding experience. Using Stripe, customers' credit cards are securely stored and charged every month – all without any intervention from LeadHub's team. It's a complete self-service experience.

Stripe Payment dashboard

Processing Property Market Data Every Day

To identify trends in the property market, LeadHub has to analyse tens of thousands of data-points every day.

mmtm built a scalable Redis-backed data system. This allowed LeadHub to process data concurrently and as the data volume increase, horizontally scale. LeadHub processes the whole market in less than 30 minutes.

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From LeadHub to Letterbox

In our workshops with LeadHub's team and their customers we identified a large point of friction – taking the insights from LeadHub and converting them into Leads.

Customers were relying on manipulating CSVs and mail merges which was time consuming and prone to error.

We set out to build a seamless mailing integration – allowing campaigns to be sent directly in the mail from LeadHub. Users simply upload letters and we dynamically suggest letters depending on the property market event.

Letters being sent by LeadHub

A Market-Leading Tool Trusted by Hundreds of Estate Agents

Over 3 years of we've collaborated with LeadHub to iteratively improve it's offering and it's addressible market.

Key Takeaways

LeadHub is now a mature offering used by hundreds of Estate Agents across England.

  • 13 Million Properties

    An unmatched picture of the property market at a granualar level

  • Increased Average-Revenue Per User

    We've worked with LeadHub to develop new offerings such as print mailing and off market data in addition to core features

  • 900+ Estate Agents

    We've worked with LeadHub to bring a new business and product to market from scratch

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mmtm has been an invaluable partner for LeadHub. Their team has thrived on the technical challenges we've thrown at them without losing focus on providing a great core experience for customers. In a competitive and fluctuating market, mmtm has helped us respond to user demand in a manner we'd never have achieved alone.

Jonathan Harris
Jonathan Harris
 Chief Product Officer

Let's build something great together.

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